16R is a new luxury knit fashion collection under the creative direction of Romina Caponi.

Romina is influenced by a background of her identity in an unexpected way.

Folk and modern contemporary art represent the resource from which pushes the inspiration the new collection.

Her inner conflict between decorativism and minimalism is characterised the her style.

Her ideas are clear and innovative out of her inspired countless cultural references and her collection is a mix between art craftsmanship with her heritage culturale and minimal art style.

Romina don’t like have a precise season , she said:

“The season change everyday and I’d like change with it “

“My love for Knitwear born when i was a baby , every days near my father’s work in the office i used to play with yarns and knitted fabrics, creating amazing small dress for my dolls … it ‘s thanks to my family i had the opportunity to experiment and create my special love for knitwear and i hope can a present my dream for all with my special knitwear“

Romina likes to supporter the sensibility for craftsmanship and she looking solution for a new vision of fashion with more attention sustainability and respect different social culture

The collections 16R are graphical, multi-dimensional, sophisticated and mix handmade technical with a modern machine , all it’s made in Italy near Florence.

The mission of 16R is find a new code for to wear total knitwear with a new cosmopolite view of the fashion style.

Portrait Romina Caponi Photo by Alessandro Bencini


Romina Caponi, Owner and Art-Director, founded the brand 16R in June 2016, before together with the family business “Maglificio Caponi“ and then in 2018 she became the only owner of the company.

Romina Caponi was born in Pisa on 16.6.1976, she studied Fashion and Art. In 1995 she got a degree at Caterina Dei Medici in Florence and in 1998 she gained a specialisation in Knitwear Design at the Institute Polimoda of Florence.

Always passionate about fashion and material creativity shapes, she manages to express and learn the art of the trade within the family business that has been working in the knitwear and jersey sector since the 1970s.

After the experience gained during adolescence, in 1999 she began a collaboration with the fashion house Roberto Cavalli, as a Senior Design responsible of knitwear sector where she established a very interesting and creative relationship that will last for several years. In 2006 this collaboration was interrupted for about two years as Romina decided to join the Versace maison’s creative group as Senior Design.

In 2007 Romina founded her own studio within the family business and she started several collaborations as a creative consultant, both with emerging brands and with important fashion groups.

In 2016 she launched her own brand 16R, name inspired by her lucky number “16” and her date of birth and the “R” stands for the initial of her name.

She names “Firenze” on the web and on the social network (www.16rfirenze.com) to immediately identify the origin of the creations and productions of the brand, the production is in a factory house Maglificio Caponi near Florence, in collaboration with local Artisan and small knitwear company.


In January 2018 Romina Caponi with 16R is chosen by Altaroma, as one of the best Talent Brands and participates in the Showcase event in Rome at the Guido Reni District.

In September 2018 16R is selected as a line recognised among those that enhance craftsmanship and the environment during the Green Award Word, organised by Eco-Age in collaboration with the Camera Nazionale della Moda Italiana (CNMI).


What does “Made in Italy” mean to you?

To me “Made in Italy” firstly means a product totally created in Italy, from the artistic idea up to its realisation manpower and materials included: in an evocative way “art, beauty, creativity and quality”.

What does sustainability mean to you?

We contribute to respect the environment in a daily way with simple habits of life and with my work, that is my passion too, I keep trying to promote this value, using products and yarns that respect certain principles of sustainability and recycling.

And how is it exhibited in your work?

My project was born as a small collection of knitwear where, in addition to expressing my creativity through the enhancement of local craftsmanship, I try to only use yarns made in Italy by companies that guarantee me an “Ecoage” manufacture.
Even though my production is actually at “zero km”, thanks to the collaboration with small Tuscan local laboratories, I prefer the ones that choose using methane-powered vehicles for deliveries.
I love the idea of collaborating with a working team that fully respects our beloved nature, which allows us to breathe and create beautiful things every day.
We are lucky because my factory house is near Florence in amazing historic Tuscany country.

What do you want people think about 16R?

Fashion has the strength to be a guide both in the style of dressing and also in habits and I love thinking that from simple things can born wonderful clothes and dreams.
We use virgin wool , alpaca and cotton natural and recycled old lame’ yarns in stock for to create a new knitwear dress or funny shorts .

How has sustainability influenced you and your brand moving forwards?

This vision made me reflecting on the responsibility that we fashion designers can have about sustainability and what important role could be taken on by us from now onwards. Designers and fashion today have the duty to launch important messages and creating actions from positive values, not only clothes: with my brand 16R and my creations I really wish to keep on convey this message that is “art-beauty-respect”.

photo by Caterina Di Biase
Maglificio Caponi di Romina Caponi, San Miniato Italy